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Nearly every leasing transaction in major US markets includes a Tenant Representative and Landlord Representative broker. The Landlord Rep has a fiduciary obligation to represent the Landlord, not the Tenant. It is in every Tenant’s best interest to engage an exclusive Tenant Representative¬† to negotiate the best deal. A+M works hand in glove with corporate tenants to develop the best commercial real estate strategy and minimize occupancy costs at every turn.

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Abraham + Martin clients are carefully guided through every transaction. You can be confident that we’ll leverage decades of experience to achieve the best possible results. Our results are peerless. Schedule a call to discuss your corporate real estate strategy and you’ll know immediately why our clients say we’re “Best in Class”. 

Our Process

Our proven, disciplined process produces predictably outstanding results.



We begin by understanding your company financials, growth trajectory and 5/10/20 year business plan.



Our lease or acquisition strategy matches your business objectives with market conditions.



A detail oriented, client-first approach to negotiation and deal management ensures a quick close and the best terms available.

A Universe of Knowledge

A World of Considerations

Successful Corporate Real Estate Strategies require multivariable calculus and extensive expertise. Too often, Tenants reduce their real estate strategy to a single-variable negotiation of price per square foot without considering the entire transaction. Abraham + Martin performs a thorough Qualitative, Operational and Financial Analysis of every viable option on your behalf. Our Financial analysis examines the monetary implications of a transaction including the nominal cost, Net Present Value and Discounted Cash flow Projections, while our Operational Analysis focuses on the logistical, commutative and day-to-day use of the premises. Finally, our Qualitative Analysis is used to compare proposed properties to peers in the marketplace.

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