You’ve been selected to join Whisper: an exclusive, invite-only NYC commercial real estate marketplace. 


We created this private page exclusively for New York City Commercial Real Estate Owners to increase deal flow. We’ve found that buyers and sellers are reluctant to put their properties on the market, so we began transacting off-market. Whisper gives you quiet deal coverage. 

Whisper Deals

Provide basic asset information here and we will pair your property with a buyer. You have no obligation to sell- this is just a whisper. 

What's Next?

We will discuss your property with potential buyers without disclosing the address. If your property meets their criteria, we’ll ask you permission to present the deal to them.

reduce costs

Our team can minimize your operating expenses, from insurance to renovations

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is There a Brokerage Fee Charged ?

The Whisper brokerage fee is 2%.

Is it Layered ?

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Is there an intermediary ?

Abraham + Martin acts as the broker on all transactions, guiding the process every step of the way through closing.

What do I need to get started?

Nothing. Simply  “”whisper list” your property

How can I edit smart objects ?

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